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for the protection of international law. access and distribution of assistance. >> barack obama celebrated the start of his second term as president. he delivered a speech to thousands gathered in the mall in washington. he told them to seize the moment. >> ♪ god bless amerca >> this is the day he fought so hard for. barack obama gets another chance to change america. >> i will faithfully execute the office -- >> his sweeping view was of a smaller crowd compared to four years ago. >> we have the obligation to shape the debates of wartime with the voices we lift in defense of our most enduring ideas. >> the president used his speech as a kind of a call to action. from climate change to the tax code, he promised reforms. >> our interests compel us to act on those who long for freedom. >> every word was meant to reinforce a progressive agenda. >> our agenda is not clear unless everybody is treated equally under the law. >> the theme of racial and sexual equality was front and center, i think a lot of the second term will be devoted to a lot of other things. >> the president takes one last look noting
to the city across the riegger -- river. hey have shown rebel fighters. iraq's parliament has passed a new law which will limit the prime minister's time to two terms. it means that the current leader will not be eligible to run for a third term. iraq is due to hold general elections next year. they said they will appeal the legislation the change to the law was made while the opposition grows. a sniper can from two soldiers on saturday. for several weeks protesters have been demonstrating against what they saw as the secretary of policies. six people were killed while trying to march through the city. >> protesters burning tires what the main highway from iraq to jordan saying they would stay there until their demands were met. they later dissipated. they come from a funeral of six protesters who were killed by iraqi soldiers. they're saying they're being discriminated against in this country. to iraqi soldiers were shot dead at a checkpoint. they say they have withdrawn collusion and have given a over to the federal police. that is meant by a political crisis in baghdad. the parliament on sa
to any particular group. this should be against the law and will be against a loss in and it needs to be stamped out. >> this woman was taken to turkey by her parents on a holiday, she said. when she was taken there, she was introduced to a magical to marry. five years later, after physical, sexual, and mental abuse, she got away. she hasn't forgotten and it does not find it easy to forgive her father. >> they took me to turkey, it wasn't explained. i never even knew i was going to turkey to get married. nothing was explained but even after my father apologized, the only thing he could say to me is we thought we were doing the right thing. >> the right thing based on what? >> i'm assuming based on his cultural beliefs. >> perhaps the most unpleasant aspect is that children are essentially hand over into a life of slavery by their own parents. that is why the government here want a specific criminal offense of forced marriage made law. but some of the community at the heart of this very complicated place is to try to police. campaigners against forced marriage interviewed a thousand
the country to oppose the white house effort to reform the nation's gun laws. at demonstrations in pennsylvania and ohio, gun owners pilloried calls for stricter gun control. >> no law put on law abiding citizens h crime. they're going to take my gun so i can get shot. >> my thoughts is, tell the leftwing liberal idiots in washington to leave our guns alone. we're not hurting anything. it is the criminals. deal with the criminals, not the law abiding citizens. >> the pro-gun rallies also coincided with a series of nationwide gun shows where at least five people were wounded when their firearms accidentally went off. in north carolina, three people were injured when a shotgun accidentally fired as its owner removed it from its case. another gun owner accidentally shot himself in indianapolis, while an ohio a gun show attendee was injured by stray bullet. president obama is set to publicly take the oath of office today at his second term inauguration in washington. obama gathered with his family sunday in the blue room of the white house to privately recite the 35-word oath read t
and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law, for if we are created equal, the love we commit to one another must be equal as well. >> although racial equality was front and center, i think a lot of the second term will be devoted to other things. >> the president takes one last look, noting he will not see this again. will not ever be the focus of the 9000 person parade. he could barely stop himself from dancing, one last night to celebrate his historic presidency before he begins what is expected to be a huge fight with congress. >> president obama's speech dealt mostly with domestic issues. there was not much on foreign policy. let's take a listen to what he did have to say. >> we will uphold our values through strength of arm and rule of law. we will show the courage to try to resolve our issues peacefully, not because we are naive about the dangers we face but because engagement can lift suspicion and fear. america will remain the anchor of strong alliances in every corner of the globe, and we will renew those institutions that extend our capacity to manage a crisis abroad, and
. which may have slowed down the attackers. algerian law bans any armed foreign security personnel from operating at plants like this. but now some of the big companies might be looking for that to change. >> the results are respected soon from jordon's parliamentary election. jordon's parliament will have new powers, including the right to choose the next prime minister. tens of thousands of people -- is really hot political newcomer offers hopes that the coalition will succeed. -- the israeli political newcomer hopes the coalition will succeed. there will not be a "blocking majority" that will prevent them from forming a government. the pakistan community feels they're being unfairly punished for their beliefs following a graveyard attack. a man tied up a guard and 21 others before smashing more than 100 gravestones. >> the difference between the two halves of this one graveyard is plain to see. one side is neat and orderly, the other smashed to pieces. on december 3 at around one dozen men stormed the cemetery in the middle of the night. armed with guns, pickaxes, and sledgehammers,
under the so-called -- the law is designed to protect the royal family from criticism, but some say they are increasingly being used as a political tool. >> when he arrived at court, he was confident. he has been in jail since he was arrested in april 2011, having been denied bail 12 times. shackle that the ankles alongside other prisoners also facing criminal charges, he hopes this is the day that is already long campaign for freedom will end. he says he is innocent and not a criminal. but he also knew that being charged with insulting the monarchy in thailand usually results in a long jail term. and that is exactly what was handed down of the criminal courts in bangkok. he was given 10 years for publishing articles in his magazine deemed offensive to the monarchy and an additional year for a separate defamation case. this verdict is another blow to thailand's human rights record and, in particular, freedom of speech, which is safeguarded by the constitution. but the magistrate overrides everything else. he did not write the articles and his legal team printing it. but when it come
. the alaska lands act was passed by the house in 1979, by the senate in 1980, and signed into law by president carter. with a stroke of his pen, the president doubled the national park system, the nation's wilderness areas, and our wildlife refuges and closed the door on mineral development on these lands. the economic cost of the alaskan lands act is measured in terms of the ress5rces we chose not to develop-- the minerals that still lie beneath the permafrost. was it worth it? we asked economic analyst richard gill what the alaskan lands issue tells us about economic questions in general. the alaskan lands issue is an issue of limits. one limit relates to economics. what is the value to society of preserving our natural wilderness? economists will have personal views. we can make no claim to special wisdom. this question is for society to decide. having been appropriately modest, we can now ask what economists can do. the first lesson of economics is that we can't have everything we want. our desires for material goods may be unlimited. our resources for fulfilling those desires are limited
by opponents to the new law, and there is a sense from the supporters of gay marriage that the government needs a reminder, a reminder his election campaign was to deliver gay marriage. the strength of opposition has taken many by surprise. the equal rights to adopt children have been divisive, but in paris on sunday, equal rights was the dominant theme. >> it is obvious to me as a straight man that all my friends who are gay have the same rights as i have to get married. >> this goes with the quality and the progressive movement. you cannot bring them together. >> gay marriage has exposed divisions between a conservative france with tradition and this, of france that sees itself as progressive, and where gay marriage is seen not so much as a threat to the old order but a correction to social justice. the government of francois hollande shares that view. >> remarks from silvio berlusconi has angered jewish groups. the premier tried to defend some of the actions of berlusconi at a ceremony marking holocaust day. butaid miscellany was wrong t had been a good leader in other respects. a referendum
meaning and role differ from culture to culture. but the physical laws of sound are universal. at the root of all sound is vibration. [bell tolling] not only the root of all music is vibration, but in some sense, perhaps, the root of everything is vibration. everything is moving all the time. the earth is moving. the sun is moving. on the earth, the waves are beating against the shore. everything which is, is vibration. in order to have a sound, you need a physical object which vibrates, whether it's a cello or a speaker in a radio, you need a medium to carry that vibration. typically, it's air, and finally we need an ear, an ear drum, and a brain to turn it into something that's meaningful to a human being. [flute plays] the simplest sort of sound is called a sine wave, and i can display that sound on an oscilloscope. of course in nature, nothing is so simple as that. there isn't just one sine wave happening at one moment. actually, there are many sine waves all adding and subtracting. when you listen to a sound, when you listen to a musical note, you hear several things. [flute music con
there will be breaking australian law. he says his trip was humanitarian. he also met with the rebels and made videos of the fighting. >> being on the front lines, it is scary. i held a gun in syria. it does not mean i was fighting. it was just a show and tell. i held it but i did not fight. >> the serious civil war does not get much attention from australia's. the ripples are being felt here, the echo of the conflict is being played on australian streets. australian security forces are concerned reform conflict could lead to a domestic attack. andrew thomas, al jazeera, sydney. >> in cuba, music is the heartbeat of the nation. it signifies the past. many young people are using it as a means to a brighter future. we have this report from havana. >> cubans say music is part of their soul. that is why they came all the way to havana to study it. way to havana to study it.
and its reliance on islamic law and the desperate state of the economy. officials decry the protesters of counterrevolutionaries and supporters of the old mubarak regime. but protesters insist it is not about the past -- it is about the future. memo we only have one demand -- the regime should go because they have done nothing for us. >> secularist and liberals say the government has betrayed the revolution. >> for the latest, let's go now to our correspondent in cairo. what is the latest you can tell us from where you are? >> i was this morning at the court where there was celebration by the relatives of the people who died after 21 people were sentenced to death, mainly fans of the port said club, but at the same time, riots broke our in the city of port said when people tried to storm the prison where most of the ones which are sentenced, and until now, -- the number is rising by the minute, but until now, we have confirmed 16 dead people in this riot. >> 21 people have been sentenced to death. 52 people still to be sentenced. tell us more about that. >> that is one of the interesti
couples among us. >> this comes in response to a huge march held two weeks ago by opponents of the new law. there is a sense of from these supporters of gay marriage that the government needs a reminder that his election campaign was to deliver gay marriage. >> the strength of opposition has taken many by surprise. proposals to allow gay couples to adopt gay children has been particularly divisive. the desire for equal rights was the dominant theme. a game obvious for me as and that all of my friends have the same rights i have to get married. >> for the equality and progressive movement, there's another side -- you cannot bring them together. >> gay marriage has exposed divisions in traditional friends and former by its catholic history and this -- a france that sees itself progressive and modern where the marriage is not seen as a threat to the old order but a correction to a longstanding sexual and justice. the government shares that view. >> 11 people have been killed in a coach accident in central portugal. another 33 were injured. the coach drove off the road into a ravine. the weath
a law they say is unconstitutional because >> we think these elections need to reflect the will of the people. we think the upcoming election is an absurd and futile. the government -- >> the government is not interested in reform. >> all the dead, constitution reform, nothing, they are trying to deceive the people. >> the muslim brotherhood says it will do nothing more than carry on with protests, demanding political reform. sources inside told of the conflict in syria prohibiting protesters who fear the country could ascend into unrest. >> elections cannot be held until a consensus is reached. that is why the muslim brotherhood calls for propose -- calls for postponing the election. >> the government believes the upcoming election will be a success. >> it is the people's right to go to the polls or not. >> protest movement has been slow appeared as much as people are angry at the governments they are not willing to take a risk that could push the country into an uncertain direction. >> coming up, global recognition for a south african painter turn the light into art.
by the laws of logic. we can pose our own puzzles or take on those puzzles posed by the world around us. whether large or small, each unsolved puzzle or problem is like a new mountain to be scaled, a sea to be crossed, or a new frontier to be explored. now, there's that 44th mersenne prime again. it's amazing that although we may have been aware of the primes for 20,000 years, so much about them remains unresolved. patterns have been observed, but we can't be sure the patterns continue on the number line out into infinity. we found the 44th mersenne prime, but we don't even know if it's the last one or if the pattern goes on forever. what's more, the mersenne prime is just one kind of pattern we can find. now, take a look at the first few primes. we see several examples of "twin primes," pairs of primes that are just two units apart: 3 and 5, 5 and 7, 11 and 13. and now we go farther and farther: 827 and 829, 1,607 and 1,609, and so on and so on... maybe. is there an infinite number of twin primes? that question was posed by euclid 2,300 years ago, and to this day still, no one has been
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)